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ניהול העסק שלך הדור הבא - מה בין יזמות יצירתיות וניהול העסק.

entrepreneurship - creativity and business management

Of the businesses I have accompanied over the years, the creative business owners - talented -the artists, They are the ones that captivate my heart every time.

The defining characteristic of these talented people is the ability to Create and be creative at all times. The difficulty as stated lies precisely in this significant point of holding, called dispersion...

This is not a standard format of spread, it is a productive one for most opinions - They manage to achieve many products that are combined with great creativity and innovation.

But this is a dispersion that may in some situations hit the business - A business that is not properly managed will run into difficulties precisely at its weak points.

So if you are the creative, innovative, artistic type - Get to know the parts you are "less" good at and excel them too. :-)

Here are some tips for getting started -

Establish 2 long-term goals (and only 2 ...) up to 5 years, medium term goal and two more near term.

Remember to build all the tasks in the business according to these goals.

This way you can maintain a business focus and let you finish one idea and see what the fruit it yields to you.

בהצלחה רבה,

מיטל מסורי – MA פיתוח וייעוץ ארגוני, מנחה ומלוות שינויים של קבוצות ויחידים. מתמחה בליווי יזמים בתחילת דרכם הן באמצעות בניית תכניות עסקיות, גיבוש דרכי עבודה ופעולה רצויים להתפתחות העסקית, ליווי אישי ועוד.

Meytal Masuri - MA Organizational development and consulting. Guides and accompanies group and individual changes.

Specializes in guiding entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey through building business plans, formulating desirable ways of working and action for business development and more.

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