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ניהול העסק שלך הדור הבא - ניהול העסק ותכנית העבודה העסקית.

Business Management and Business Work Plan

" What do I need for an annual work plan?....", "After all, my business changes every day, there are days when I don't even know if customers will come in ... So what will help me to build a sales plan? advertising? Let me roll with the business and see it already..."

Did you hear that? You might have say it? ... So you probably know what this is about

We don't like planning and sometimes planning alone makes us uncomfortable.

Properly starting a new business requires a high level of awareness and accuracy of the products / services we provide all the time, we still don't know who our target audience is and how much we will sell each month.

To this end, the work plan was designed - to new business (and more so) to old business.

So what is important to include in your annual business work plan?

First, set a clear goal for this year - Set yourself a clear target of the amount of products / services you want to sell this year, or how much money you want to make this year total (net after deductions).

Try to determine your target based on your average sales so far (for new businesses, depending on your average sales practice).

Second, set a monthly target that is a derivative of the annual target - For businesses whose sales are seasonally affected, this must be taken into account and in the "dead" months don't set any goals.

Third, follow up weekly - monthly to achieve your goals - this tracking will allow you to get a better quality picture of the state of your business, and maybe decide on the need to strengthen the advertising topic or maybe embark on some promotion and more.

בהצלחה רבה,

מיטל מסורי – MA פיתוח וייעוץ ארגוני, מנחה ומלוות שינויים של קבוצות ויחידים. מתמחה בליווי יזמים בתחילת דרכם הן באמצעות בניית תכניות עסקיות, גיבוש דרכי עבודה ופעולה רצויים להתפתחות העסקית, ליווי אישי ועוד.

Meytal Masuri - MA Organizational development and consulting. Guides and accompanies group and individual changes.

Specializes in guiding entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey through building business plans, formulating desirable ways of working and action for business development and more.

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