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ניהול העסק שלך הדור הבא - איך תתחרו טוב יותר בעידן של אמזון.

next generation business management - How to compete better in the Amazon era?

1. Think about how you create value for our customer - how you sell certain products / services online, how you connect to online sales operations nationwide, and how to collaborate with other businesses that sell complementary products / services and more.

2. It is important to become better acquainted with the real needs of your clientele - and understand if, for example, an evening with a special lecture / workshop will bring more customers to my clothing store. Or, maybe a sales night at one of the customers would be better for them.

3. In the service world, be creative about the value you provide to your customers - Make sure you price differently on-line services and those that don't. Expand your knowledge on different platforms through which you can sell your services, and not only in the local market.

Make changes to the market and constantly learn, specialize and develop.

בהצלחה רבה,

מיטל מסורי – MA פיתוח וייעוץ ארגוני, מנחה ומלוות שינויים של קבוצות ויחידים. מתמחה בליווי יזמים בתחילת דרכם הן באמצעות בניית תכניות עסקיות, גיבוש דרכי עבודה ופעולה רצויים להתפתחות העסקית, ליווי אישי ועוד.

Meytal Masuri - MA Organizational development and consulting. Guides and accompanies group and individual changes.

Specializes in guiding entrepreneurs at the beginning of their journey through building business plans, formulating desirable ways of working and action for business development and more.

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